Spinnerets for Nonwovens

Ceccato is the leading company in producing spinnerets for the Nonwoven industry. Ceccato supplies these products to all major machinery makers in Europe, as well as to all major Nonwoven fiber producers worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation on all continents.

We differentiate 3 types of spinnerets namely:

Spunbond spinnerets, Meltblown dies and Hydroentanglement jets

Ceccato can manufacture these products up to 9 meter in length. Typical lengths, however, range from 3,6 to 5,6 meter. Considering the exceptional length, we developed new processes for machining, drilling and cleaning.

On a Spunbond spinneret Ceccato can put more than 40’000 holes and on Meltblown dies more than 120 holes per inch, on single cusp.

Ceccato was the first to manufacture Hydroentanglement jets for nonwoven industruy. These jets can be manufactured in lenghts up to 6 meters and in width from 12.7mm to 29mm. The thickness can be from 0.8 to 1.2mm and hole pitch from o.5mm upwards. The hardness can be upwards of 180 – 200 HV. The holes can be placed in 1, 2 or 3 rows. Ceccato has put upwards of 12000 holes on such strips. 

Ceccato enjoys a worldwide leadership in these products.

Meltblown in action

CECCATO S.p.A. was founded in 1930 in Milan Italy and is a leading producer of spinnerets for the synthetic fiber industry, which are marketed worldwide.

Spun bond in action