Spinnerets for Acrylic and Carbon Fibres

Ceccato is a world-class producer of spinnerets for the production of carbon fibers from acrylic precursors. This fiber of the future will have a very important impact on many sectors, for example the aviation and automotive industries, thanks to its lightness and strength.

We have made a substantial contribution to the development of supply chains with new functionalities for carbon fibers.

Ultra-precision holes ensure smooth flow and optimum uniformity of these important fibers.

The holes are very small and we can make them down to 20 microns. Ultra precision is the key word.

These dies are made of stainless steel or mainly tantalum. Tools require state-of-the-art technology and machinery.

We have the know-how to make our tools. The number of holes per die depends on the application but can reach up to 150,000 holes. Tantalum cups can be flat or spherical.