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Ceccato is a world class producer of spinnerets for making Carbon fibres from Acrylic precursor. This fiber of the future will have a very important impact on many industries e.g. the aeronautic industry , due to its light weight and strength. Ceccato has made substantial contributions in developing spinnerets with new features for Carbon fibers. Holes with ultra precision assure a regular flow and optimal uniformity of these important fibers.

The holes are very small and Ceccato can make them as small as 20 microns. Ultra precision is the key word.

Such spinnerets are made from stainless steel or mainly Tantalum.

Tooling requires state of the art technology and machinery.
Ceccato has the Know-How to make its own tools.

The number of holes per spinneret depend on the application but can reach as many as 150’000 holes.

Tantalum cups can be flat or spheric.

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